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24/7 Security Operations Center

24/7 SOC with 24x7 managed security incident response 365 days a year.
360º comprehensive cybersecurity service.
Un servicio de ciberseguridad que se encarga de prevenir sobre ataques de ciberdelincuentes, previniendo, identificando y localizando ataques o amenazas a través de la red (interna/internet).
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Key Characteristics:

To permanently validate the status of your company's security platforms (EDR, IPS, IDS, FW, cloud environments, etc.), their availability and correct operation.
Rapid detection and response through advanced automations
From monitoring and alert enrichment to triage, investigation and containment of problems.
Proactive incident management by a professional team
Prevention of all types of incidents resulting from security breaches on workstations or uncontrolled servers. Your internal teams should focus on activities that produce profitability for your company, with the peace of mind that our cybersecurity experts are responsible for daily monitoring and triage of security alerts, while proactively searching for and responding to threats.
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Hispasec offers support at all 3 levels and also provides a Threat Hunting analyst dedicated exclusively to your company.

How does it work?

Through these tools, we provide the right service to ensure the correct management of information security in your infrastructure:
Tool management, monitoring and support.
CyberSOC for insider threats
L1: hybrid service for protection against internal and external threats, providing protection against threats directed at the entity on the Internet and Deep/Dark Web (phishing, online fraud, identity theft, etc.), as well as the review and analysis of events generated by the SIEM, SOAR, XDR, etc. tools that make up the internal network protection suite.
L2: analysis of events generated at level 1 that require a higher level of expertise than L1 but do not require the intervention of an advanced analyst at level L3.
L3: assessment and corrective actions, crisis and critical event management, forensic analysis.

Why choose CiberSoc360?

Hispasec's SOC operates as a comprehensive cybersecurity system, covering the protection of the internal network, the external perimeter and activities related to Internet assets. This service incorporates threat detection, triage, escalation to different levels of response, cyber intelligence analysis, threat neutralization and development of preventive rules. Its 360º approach guarantees a complete and adaptive defense against cyber threats, ensuring early identification, mitigation and prevention of future attack variants. All this in an uninterrupted service 24x7 365 days a year.
Security is invaluable - contact us today for a free consultation and find out how CyberSoc360 can comprehensively protect your business! Your peace of mind is our priority.
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