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Hispasec was born at the end of 1998 with the launch of 'una-al-día', the first daily technical information service in Spanish on computer security, created by a group of specialists with the aim of disseminating and raising awareness among users of the importance of this sector in the field of new information technologies.
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IT security is a key factor in the protection of any company's greatest asset: its information.
At Hispasec we work to ensure the security of your company's information systems, with a 24x7 service 365 days a year. We have services aimed at early detection, computer audits to determine the status of your computer services, as well as anti-fraud services.
We help you generate a security strategy that ensures the safeguarding of your company's information.

About our services

Experienced digital security professionals.
Multidisciplinary teams of experts.
Continuous investment in training, development and research.
SOC 24x7
Cybersecurity experts on permanent surveillance.