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Computer Audit

How does a group of attackers see the technological infrastructure of your organization? How can you measure the state of your defenses?
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Methods and spirit of work

Red Team process is not only a meticulous and highly responsible job, it is a challenge that we assume, a logical challenge that tests our skills. Using the most advanced methodologies and tools in the security sector, our professionals evaluate the security of the systems in a systematic and organized way, optimizing resources to the maximum.
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A problem, a solution

During the audit process, our professionals will generate personalized results reports, including descriptions, evidence and on the vulnerabilities that were detected, in addition to accompanying the mitigation process, proposing solutions and helping to correct all the vulnerabilities detected.

Technical Audit

What does it consist of?

We audit your internal, external and wireless infrastructure, using automatic and manual procedures, analyzing each vulnerability in detail to it implies to the organization, and offering solutions to mitigate them.
Internal Audit
On many occasions, security breaches are the cause of improper implementation of security processes within the company. This audit process will provide you with a comprehensive view of the technical aspects of your organization's internal infrastructure that must be reinforced.
Perimeter Audit
Similar to internal audit, a perimeter audit will let you know which points of your publicly exposed infrastructure need to be strengthened to mitigate the detrimental effects of an intrusion on the organization.
WiFi audit
Wireless networks are often overlooked when the company organizes a security plan, and it is because this vector can become an easy gateway for an attacker to cross. Our team will test the level of security of your wireless network through different tests that will simulate real scenarios that could compromise the availability of the services offered by your organization.

How can we help you?


Similarly, our professionals are highly trained to audit any technology, be it web, mobile or even desktop applications, working on the basis of the information that is provided by our clients, in black, grey or white box.


We adapt to your needs

Forensic analysis

Has your company suffered a cyber attack?

Penetration test

How far could an attacker go?
Our team of auditors will adapt to the needs of our clients at all times, analyzing the requirements of our clients through consulting services.
Our team of auditors is qualified to perform forensic analysis, analyzing the evidence of the attack, its consequences, identifying the entry vectors and proposing solutions to avoid them in the future.
We evaluate the security of your organization's assets, through public information on the Internet, through an organized plan of recognition, identification of vulnerabilities, exploitation and post-exploitation, so that our clients become aware of the real impact that a targeted attack could have on their organization, and what measures should be applied to prevent it.

Human resources


In an organization, it is very important to evaluate and train the human team, which is why we offer controlled and targeted Phishing and Malware campaigns.
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Spear phishing

During a phishing campaign we prepare a dedicated infrastructure for the particular cases of our clients, in order to analyze the ability of their employees to identify malicious emails whose main objective is to to, later on, organize a more complex attack with greater repercussions for the organization.