The Analysis, Notification and Alerting Service (SANA) is part of Hispasec's history as one of the longest-lived and best-appreciated services by our customers. SANA provides a complete system of alerts on vulnerabilities, updates and patches of software in terms of computer security, allowing to know at all times any vulnerabilities that may affect the products that your company or company use daily.

SANA Service

Early warning of vulnerabilities

Each client receives in a fast and personalized way so many alerts and failures have been detected for the products monitored. For more complex systems, we have a complete API that allows you to customize and adapt this service to your needs.

Each alert provides all the necessary information as well as the patches available at the time or possible countermeasures, all on an active 24/7 service.

Full story

Vulnerability history report for each client, where you can conveniently consult the vulnerabilities that affect you, allowing queries based on any alert feature.

The portal also allows vulnerabilities to be cataloged to administrators so that they can know which bugs have been fixed in their system, are pending management, or have not yet been processed.

All this integrated into our CSIRT services panel, offering complete statistics for executive presentations.

Our SANA panel

Our panel is totally configurable to your needs, showing at a glance all the alerts managed and / or issued.

Complete Dashboard

Vulnerability statistics

At a glance you can control the total number of alerts you have, as well as the statistics calendar.

Global listing and search

Vulnerability scanning

Total alerts managed and search with different filters.

Control of users and products

Management of products to monitor

You can access the complete list and add the ones you need to be alerted.


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