Mobile APPS Intelligence for Android

Do your enterprise have a Mobile APP? What if you could know if your users have malware in their devices? MAIA looks for threats in your clients phones and tablets to keep them safe and sound.

How it works?

MAIA uses the Android Koodous malware analysis service. Koodous is an antivirus for Android with a third of about 20 million applications listed as Malware. The malware is detected by a community of analysts around the world. With their rules, they help find and catalog fraudulent applications in our system.

The service aims to determine the safety of the phones by a given application. This is why MAIA uses the Koodous database: to allow you to have an overview of the security of each of your application’s users. And to make that possible MAIA offers a full SDK integrated in the customer’s application. This way, its users do not have to have Koodous installed while still being able to know which one of them uses a device infected by malware.

Install the SDK

Once the SDK is installed we register the device with the Android ID and the client code.

Send the app list

The device will send all the installed apps to MAIA and the following updates.

Analyze your clients’ apps

We check the apps against Koodous database, finding any possible threat.


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