Mobile APPS Intelligence for Android

Do your enterprise have a Mobile APP? What if you could know if your users have malware in their devices? MAIA looks for threats in your clients phones and tablets to keep them safe and sound.

How it works?

HISPASEC has malware analysis services for Android. We currently have more than 50 million applications of which a third of them have been listed as Malware. Once detected, malware is analyzed and cataloged within our systems.

The MAIA Database allows us to have a visual of the security of users' applications. MAIA offers an SDK that can be integrated together with your application to be able to have not only the total sampling of its users but to be able to identify the specific user who is affected by malware.

Install the SDK

Once the SDK is installed we register the device with the Android ID and the client code.

Send the app list

The device will send all the installed apps to MAIA and the following updates.

Analyze your clients’ apps

Thanks to our extensive database and our identification and classification systems we can find and alert you to possible threats that affect your users.


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