More often, awareness of the importance of keeping company information safe and secure is becoming more and more important. The information is a dynamic flow in continuous movement that needs monitoring and control in all its processes. This need has led HISPASEC to carry out this course where we will try to give a practical approach to the threats and basted of our systems and web platforms.


HISPASEC has a wide experience of more than 16 years in the sector, being an interlocutor of the active sector through the publication of the newsletter "Una al día" where we inform the public in general and the professionals in particular of what happens in the World from a fundamentally technical point of view.

In addition, our participation and collaboration in conferences, universities and different European projects is well known. This experience unifies both the research and the reality of what happens in the company thanks to our experience as auditors.

Safety in the company

Awareness of security for different areas of the company and aimed at all types of personnel.

Malware, security and bastion

Oriented to system administrators and security professionals, it allows you to know the current threats and how to protect your systems properly.

Web Auditing or Systems

Oriented to system administrators and security professionals, it allows to know the typical vulnerabilities and to identify the weak points of the systems to be able to anticipate before any intrusion.


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