CSIRT own 24/7

Fraudulent use of your image and brand may occur at any time. The Hispasec CSIRT ensures the detection, evaluation and neutralization of any threats linked to your organization. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without interruptions.

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Our years of experience in the fight against phishing campaigns has allowed us to develop a unique network of sensors, with early detection capability and a strong response to guarantee the neutralization of this threat in the shortest time possible.


Malware is a threat that infects your customers and damages your organization's reputation. Hispasec has its own dedicated team dedicated exclusively to the detection, analysis and eradication of malware oriented to fraud.

Forensic Analysis

Thanks to the study of infected systems, you can know in detail the attack vector that malware is taking advantage of to infect your clients or your organization’s computers. Knowing a new threat will allow you to choose the best option to defend yourself.

Android Security

With our extensive database of ever-growing applications and a team of malware analysis specialists, we can offer a comprehensive early detection and threat management service on Android systems.

Customizable API

All our services offer an configurable and adaptable API to your needs, so that they can be implemented in your systems. Flexibility. We bring knowledge and data to your vision

Additional services to Anti-Fraud

To complement the detection and management of Phishing, Trojan and Forensic cases, HISPASEC offers complementary services for very specific needs.

LSI | Log Security inspector

The LSI service provides 24/7 automated analysis of logs generated by request-level critical web services. The objective is the early detection of suspicious activities that evidence abuse against your organization (Phishing, Malware and Brand Abuse).

Brand Reputation and Surveillance

Through OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and Machine Learning techniques we can detect a fraudulent use or social influence on the reputation of your organization or trademarks. Automated lexical detection and sorting service customizable through parameters.


The ITW service tracks your website by monitoring your certificate, looking for incorrect resolutions and notifying you of possible defacements.


DMARC is a standard by which, any mail server can send a report in case of spoofing email that will be analyzed by our systems. These reports contain information that helps us in the early detection of phishing cases against the entity of our clients.


Our services have a demonstration period available. Please try them. Take the challenge. For HISPASEC, work is an opportunity to compete.

Our CSIRT dashboard

Configurable dashboard. Get a comprehensive view of your security status. View the past, study the present, and prepare your security strategy for the future.

Account management

Management of user roles and entities

You will have total control of the users that access the panel, their permissions, records and related actions.

Global listing and statistics

All your data. Within reach of a click.

You can manage each case independently, at all times watching your status and closing process, as well as monthly statistics.

History and filtering

Case history

You can access the complete list and filter by different case states or dates among other modalities.

Actions taken in the incident

Incident detail

In each case managed, a correlation of the actions taken for its complete closure is established.

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