Origin of Hispasec

Hispasec was born at the end of 1998 with the launch of 'una-al-día', the first daily service of technical information in Spanish about computer security, created by a group of specialists with the purpose of divulging and raising awareness of users of importance of this sector in the field of new information technologies.

The success gainned by 'one-a-day' and the rest of public actions undertaken by Hispasec (analysis, comparatives, developments, etc.) spontaneously originates a demand for services by professionals and companies.

To attend this demand, the computer security laboratory of Hispasec is created in 2000. Hispasec is a company of marked technical character, without external capital nor subordinated to other interests, managed entirely by the founders of Hispasec.

The turning point for Hispasec was the subsequent development of Virustotal that served as inspiration for the development of new research and development projects. Currently our flagship is the Koodous project.

  • Experienced digital security professionals
  • Multidisciplinary teams of experts
  • Ongoing investment in training and development
  • 24x7 services, permanent guard
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